Dogwood Quilting will be hosting a Labyrinth Walk workshop on Friday, July 8, from 10-4. Below is a picture of of a completed Labyrinth Walk quilt. We look forward to the workshop and hope to see you there! If you would like to sign up, please call 417-683-4700.

Creative Grids Curvy Log Cabin Trim Tool Top Anchor 10" Feathered Wreath
Our Price: $20.95
Our Price: $65.65
Creative Grids Non-Slip Rulers 10" feathered wreath template
Ronda's Double S - Large Curls Swirls
Our Price: $33.00
Our Price: $4.99
1/4' thick 21 1/8" X 6 3/8" Curve cross hatch large areas with no marking. The 1/4" and 1/2" etched lines help to keep the cross hatching uniform.
click here for instructions

For more ideas on how to use this tool check out Karen McTavish's book Custom Curves.
small print affordable bright blenders for any quilting project.
Traditional Heart Free Way
Our Price: $20.00
Our Price: $4.99
Great for small borders and sashings. 4 sizes 1", 2", 3", and 4" hearts that are pointed, not rounded at top or bottom. 1/4" thick clear longarm tool. Etched reference lines for ease placement.
Click here for instructions.
Affordable 100% cotton fabric for all quilting and craft projects.